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Hand Painted Portrait Painting Drawing Artist in Lagos Nigeria Africa for ₦25,000 and get it in less than 2 weeks.


Nigeria No1 Portrait Painting Artist !!!

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worldwide_online_drawing_painting_portrait_artist_in_Lagos_nigeria_africa_showing_Nelson_Mandela_picture worldwide_online_drawing_painting_portrait_artist_in_Lagos_nigeria_africa
Title:Custom Painted Portrait Picture
Medium:Oil Colour on Canvas.
Size: 20 X 24 inches
Price: ₦40,000 order-now
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Title: Custom Painted Portrait Picture
Medium: Oil Colour on Canvas.
Size: 16 X 20 inches
Price: ₦30,000 order-now
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Title: Drawing Portrait
Medium: Pencil on Card.
Size: 16 X 20 inches
Price: ₦20,000 order-now
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Happiness in Pandemonium
Size: 42 x 26 inches.
Price: ₦244,000
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african painting evening market scene oil on canvas by artist chembx uche
African Art ( Evening Market Scene )
Oil Color On Canvas
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african river activities painting oil color on canvas by chembx uche
African River Activities Painting
Oil Color On Canvas
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Chembx.com is a home of Professional African Artworks, Portrait, Painting, Sculpture, Art and Crafts in Nigeria Africa. It’s been over twenty years now of working in Portrait Painting Artworks and we have been Very privileged to paint so many distinguished persons in our society today both young and old. In this website, you will find some selection of notable Painted Portraits and other artworks we have had the privilege to paint over the years. We deliver our Artworks all through Nigeria, Africa and all around the world. RC 2643377
Portrait Painting Drawing Artwork Prices
16 Inches by 20 inches is ₦30,000 Per image
20 inches by 24 inches is ₦40,000 Per image
24inches by 36 inches is ₦70,000 Per image
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We hand paint your photo with oil Paintings
Professional artists only
Real Oil Painting - Not prints or posters

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  We are Expert in making:  
  Abstract, African & Portrait Paintings, Book illustration, Pet, Animals, Gift & Birthday Portraits.  
  Photo to Painting: Turn any picture or photo into a hand painted oil painting portrait for ₦15,000 and get it in less than 2 weeks.  
  Art Review:  

Chembx:  You have moved the scope of Arts and Craft in this Nation Nigeria to a higher level, such that the root of creativity here in this part of Africa has been made clear. By: Dr Luke Door. (Director of Arts and Creativity Nigeria)

  Artist: The reality of a good and high quality Art in your Artworks when it comes to Hand Painted Painting, Portrait, Sculpture in this Lagos State of Nigeria is evident to everyone that comes across your works. You have perfected this Art Chembx. By: Prof Kunle Maginla  
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