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All kinds of sculpture –bust molding  expert with clay-cement-fiber-glass  in Lagos Abuja Nigeria west Africa

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Professional African bust statue molding artworks artist with fibreglass and cement portrait sculpture carved images online commission booking in Lagos Abuja Nigeria west africa

Relief Scupture
Bust - Portrait with fiber glass
Scupture in the round
Scupture in the round
High Relief Sculpture
Scupture in the round


Scupture in the round
High Relief Bust with Fibre glass
carving_sculpture_by_chembaline_chembx african-art
Carved images with wood

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Sculptural images for sale online in Nigeria, Cheapest bust and statue making artist in Nigeria.

sculpture by artistchembaline
Relief Sculpture
Molded Bust with cement
Molded bust with clay
Molding of Lion head with Clay
Molding of Lion head with Clay
Casting of the Sculpture with fiber glass
Casting of the Sculpture with fiber glass
Fiber glass work
Fiber glass work
Sculpture ready for Mounting
Sculpture ready for Mounting
Mounted Sculpture of lion head

Mounted Sculpture of lion head

Sculpture work molded with Clay
Sculpture work molded with Clay
Sculpture work on Casting process
Sculpture work on Casting process with Fiberglass
Finished Sculpture work ready for Mounting
Finished Sculpture work ready for Mounting
Mounted sculpture Artwork on th wall
Mounted sculpture Artwork on th wall
Sculpture is a three dimensional art which is of two kinds (Sculpture in the round and Relief Sculpture), We bring the best out of it in Modeling, Cast, Carved or Constructed art works with the aid of materials like Clay, wood, cement, metal, Fiber glass, among others depending on the demand. We deliver at prompt any work commissioned to us.


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