Self inking stamp

Ink Colors: Blue, Black, Red, Green, etc. Best Flash rubber stamp self inking stamp seller in Lagos Nigeria
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Self inking stamp.
Self inking flash rubber stamp (Flash Stamp, Office Stamp, Self inking Stamp, Company Stamp)
  • Any design you want on stamp can go with this.
  • Wait and take stamp with automatic ink.
  • Official Self inking stamp .
  • You can add your company logo on it.
  • Choose your color:  Red, Blue, Black or Green.
  • All shapes available
  • We will add your Company's Information on it.
  • Wait & Get self inking Stamp.

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We will add your Company's Information on it
Rubber stamp  for documents
Rubber Stamp (Ordinary Rubber Stamp)
  • You will need a Stamp Pad to use this.
  • You will approve your design before we print it.
  • With 1 day delivery.
  • You will send to us the information you want us to use.

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Business Start Up Packages

Business Start Up Packages- All you need for your Business in one Order - Website design - Business card - Invoice- Identity card - Business Card - Company seal - Office Stamp

Add your Business Pack at once with discount.
Such as:
* Website design,
* Embossing Company Seal Stamp
* Self inking Stamp
* Letter Headed Paper design
* Business Card
* Identity Card
* Invoice / Receipt
* etc
Trodat 4817 self-inking stamp set your own write-ups (Set it Up stamp)

Trodat 4817 self-inking stamp set your own write-ups.

  • You can set you own text.Use for RECEIVED, E-MAILED, BILLED, CANCELLED, ANSWERED, FAXED, SHIPPED, PAID, ENTERED and Date done
  • It already have all the written letters and what you will do is to just set it up depending on the write up.It will also allow you to set the date of stamping.
  • Its self inking or you call it automatic ink. which means you can start using it immediately you purchase it.
  • Very easy to handle and to set.It will be ship to you within 24 hours of payment.
  • Trodat Printy 4817.
  • Speed Delivery within Lagos State: Uber, Gokada, Kwik etc. Price will be generating from the app and you pay them at the delivery point.

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Self-inking stamp Mark Q-5822
Self-inking stamp Mark Q-5822 (Rectangular shape Stamp)

Self-inking stamp Mark Q-5822:
Its Self Inking- No external ink pad required.
You will confirm your design before we print your work.

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